Cardio Exercises

There are those days when you don’t feel like going out gymming or working out. But this isn’t a reason to skip your workout. Especially when you can do some of the cardio exercises right at home! So here’s a list of cardio exercises which you can easily include in your home-workout routine. Read on:

  1. Jump rope:
    A couple of minutes over the jump rope is the best you can do to burn off those extra calories. Apart from being a great cardio exercise to do at home, jumping the rope is the perfect warm up to any of your workout sessions.
  2. Jumping jacks:
    This simple exercise we did as little kids (and loved doing it) is one of the best cardio out there. Jumping jacks work on multiple areas in your body at the same time – toning your thighs, laterals, quadriceps and tummy –all at once.
  3. Rollbacks:Rollbacks
    Looking for quick cardio for your core – rollbacks are the best. These not only strengthen your core but also work well when it comes to improving movement coordination.
  4. High Knee march:
    This one will get you pumped up in no time. Make sure your knees reach as high they can and watch how toned your legs will be in a matter of a few weeks.
  5. Cross Jacks:
    Another variant of jumping jacks, the cross jumps are an advanced version of the basic jumping jacks. These Cross Jumps are wonderful fat, and calorie burners and repeatedly performing them will tone up your body in much quicker than the simple jacks!
  6. Spot Jogs:
    A quick spot jog after you wake up is what you need! A simple way to bust off the laziness the morning brings in and also to shrug off that unwanted calories in off-days.
  7. Lunges:
    Different variations of lunges are an excellent option for cardio at home. Look up for videos on YouTube where a lot of professional fitness trainers have listed and practically demonstrated the different types of lunges which target the fat of various body parts.
  8. Skaters:Skaters:
    Perfect for your high abductors muscles and glutes, you can easily include this in your home workout routine. It’s a pretty high-intensity exercise, so a couple of reps would be good enough.
  9. Bench runners:
    Best for your glutes, the bench runners can be easily performed at home. And have the best impact on your glutes, as they simultaneously work on your agility.