When it comes to exercises and creating a routine you can stick with, it is essential that you take into account your age, overall health & any disabilities or issues you may have. A lot of times certain exercises or workouts tend to be too high impact or create too much stress on the body for people to sustain. Running can be rough on your knees and other joints, just as weight lifting may be too much for someone with arthritis etc. So what workout is great for your entire body and can even help those with asthma, while sustaining low to no impact? Swimming!!! That’s right, and with more and more research being published on just how great swimming is for you, many are finding they can create & sustain a great swimming or water exercise regime better than any other exercise. 

 Swimming For Cardiovascular Health

With the popularity of swimming for health purposes increasing many gym-goers and those without a pool to utilize anywhere else, look to find gyms with a nice, clean, and efficient pool or aquatic facility. Andy, with Phoenix Pool Remodel and also an avid swimmer, said that many of his clients look to pool remodel so that they may create a pool that is best for exercise. In fact, a lot of elderly clients continuously tell him just how much better they feel after establishing a water routine. And being a swimmer himself he knows exactly what they are talking about. In a line of work where physical labor is a necessity, he often heads to the pool to get a workout in or to relieve and stretch out tired & sore muscles. “There is nothing like swimming a few laps when you are tired and sore to get all the kinks out” states Andy. So why exactly is swimming so good for you?

Swimming incorporates the entire body and is an activity that can be done year-round, thanks to those indoor gym pools. Swimming also helps to get your heart rate up while reducing the amount of stress put on the body. It helps improve muscle endurance and your overall cardiovascular fitness levels. Swimming is also great for helping to maintain or lose weight, gain muscle strength, and pretty much works almost every muscle in the body! With various strokes such as backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, sidestroke, and the butterfly you can change up your moves and work certain muscles more in one area. Swimming has also been found to be good for those with asthma as it is believed to help expand lung capacity so that you are better able to gain control of your breathing.

The benefits of swimming really are endless, and the fact that swimming can be enjoyed by any age group makes it that much better. If you are looking to change up your fitness routine or incorporate lower impact exercise dip your toe in the pool and start swimming!