With COVID-19 shutting the world down almost completely for more than a month and potentially indefinitely, a lot of people had to find a way to get their workouts in at home while making them comparable to the gym workouts that they have grown to love & are so accustomed to. First world problems right? Indeed they may be, but let’s face it our workouts are not just for appearance purposes although I’m sure it plays a big role in the motivation to get them done. Our workouts are also a time to rev up our bodies, promote health and wellness, and take a boatload of stress off. They leave us feeling spent, invigorated, and feeling the workout “high” because of all those great endorphins that have been released.

With that being said, creating an exercise space at home is highly suggested and a great way to help you stick to the commitment of your fitness regimen. If you happen to have a spare room in your home creating a workout space can be ideal there. You have the right kind of insulation and heating/cooling system within your home to help regulate temperatures etc. Another great space and perhaps the best one of all is in your garage. While you may have to invest in minor improvements and work with a reputable garage door company like Parker Garage Doors, your new home gym space will surely be worth every penny of your investment.

Converting Your Garage Space Into A Gym

 Space- First things first you want to create a blueprint or outline of any ideas on how you would like your workout space set-up and laid out. The key when it comes to space is MAXIMIZING it to the most of its potential. You can construct a great gym space out of either a single or double car garage.

Budget- Now that you have an idea of what you want to do with your space, establish a budget that you feel comfortable with and that has a little bit of breathing room in case some part of the project runs over in expenses somewhere. It is always best to be prepared so that you are not stuck in the middle of a situation with not a lot or no options at all.

Insulation- You need to think insulations in terms of all seasons. After all, you are going to want to be able to utilize your gym throughout the entire year and at different times of the day. Having the proper insulation in both your walls and garage door is essential to the overall temperature & comfort of your space.

Flooring- You are going to want to invest in flooring or in a type of flooring cover like epoxy, etc. to help create durable, slip-resistant floor space. Another option is to purchase prefabricated flooring that is able to be snapped together to act as an overlay on your existing floor.

Garage Door- While insulation plays a role in all aspects of your garage space, proper insulation within your garage door as well as having the right garage door for your space is always important. A lot of gyms like CrossFit gyms tend to like to utilize steel roll-up doors for their workspaces. They allow for easy access/exit, they also allow for better air circulation when you are able to keep them open when weather permits, etc. All workout spaces are different and people have different preferences though, so work with your garage door experts in deciding on the best door for you and the one that fits best in your budget should you decided to spring for a new door.

Once your garage space is ready to go as your new at-home gym, have fun stocking it with all or some of your fav equipment. You can always purchase 2nd hand fitness equipment to stay within budget. Should you do so just make sure that your equipment is purchased from a reputable dealer and that all equipment has been certified as safe to use.