In our last article, we talked about the great benefits of calisthenics training and the exercises the training entails. Think squats, broad jumps, and pull-ups to name a few. And while calisthenics is a great training technique to pretty much conquer all of the components it takes to be fit, you can further intensify your training by adding Plyometrics. 

Plyometrics utilizes stretch and contraction sequences of muscle fibers to improve power, explosiveness, and overall speed & strength. It is a training technique highly utilized by most professional sports performance training facilities and focuses on the speed component when it comes to power. Incorporating plyometrics into your training routine also helps to improve coordination and agility. 

How is plyometrics similar to calisthenics training? 

Plyometrics is similar to calisthenics training in that it uses a lot of the bodyweight exercises found in calisthenics but with explosive movement and higher intensity. Plyometrics training consists of exercises such as vertical & broad jumps, jumping rope, jumping squats, single-leg hopping & clapping push-ups. A lot of times props such as wooden boxes and metal platforms are used to help intensify your workout and further promote the extension of muscle fibers to gain optimal results. 

While plyometrics is a great method of training to gain strength, speed and explosive power it is also a high-intensity training method that can offer a lot of injuries. Whenever performing any plyometrics exercises or routines always make sure to execute proper form. You need to respect your limits and listen to your body. Those new to exercising should master your form in various exercises before trying to incorporate plyometrics into your routine. You can also modify any exercises to better fit your physical limits. Start with the base exercises and gradually add in the explosions and jumps when you begin to feel stronger and more capable. And don’t forget it is always best to speak with your health care provider before beginning any new fitness regimen.